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Counting the cost 2017: Unit Cost Analysis and Value for Money

Want to get a deeper understanding of your organisation's costs, how you compare to other housing providers and what the HCA is looking for from your VfM self-assessment this year? Then look no further.

Our 2017 'Counting the cost' workshops will reflect the new regulatory priorities, bring you the latest on the new Value for Money standard and give you everything you need to get top marks from the HCA.

Led by HQN Chief Executive Alistair McIntosh and our Finance Lead Ian Parker, and with HCA data experts on board for both events, these workshops will answer all your questions.

Need some targeted advice?

We are offering delegates the opportunity of a 20 minute individual slot with Alistair or Ian to talk through any specific issues relating to Value for Money in their organisation.

Counting the cost 2017 will cover the following:

  • The new Value for Money standard – how much of this should you bring in this year? What stays the same and what is changing?
  • We know the metrics that the HCA will be looking at – how do you compare?
  • Flashing lights on the 2016 global accounts dashboard – management costs went up and building went down – will these trends reverse? Will we get back on track?
  • What is the HCA saying about VfM at IDAs?
  • Influence of the White Paper – Housing associations back in favour, so long as they build and get leaner – Is merging the answer? Will we really get a good deal on rents?
  • What happens after the General Election? Are you stress testing for all eventualities?
  • The cost of care – the HCA view on the impact of supported housing delivery on the bottom line
  • Can you justify your cuts to planned maintenance?

Who should attend?

This event is essential for housing professionals working in the following areas:

  • Finance
  • Executive teams and executive support
  • VfM specialist roles
  • Audit
  • Asset management
  • Business management
  • Development
  • Performance
  • Policy
  • Resources
  • Strategy.

We have put together a model that uses the same source data as the HCA. It will let you:

  • Compare costs to peers of your choice
  • Benchmark your costs using the same categories of service that the HCA uses
  • Produce graphs that can go straight into your assessment at the touch of a button.

The model will help you prove that you are benchmarking the right way. For more information contact michael.foster@hqnetwork.co.uk

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